The Girl On The Alleyway

I was holding a bunch of books close to my bosom holding it tight. My thick specs were falling from my face. I tried not looking at the either side of the road and focused my full concentration on the road.I walked step by step looking at the cemented road. I was little scared as I am always, but today also I had to reach to the destination- to my Home. I started breathing heavily. I noticed someone following me and I made my steps bigger. It was already late and skies were darker than usual. The winds were blowing heavily, adding more terror than beauty. I felt that those roads were empty .I also felt that someone was following. I felt strange. Was’nt that enough? For the nature that clouds started thundering and my heart collapsed. Something happened and I don’t know what that I started running to make it sooner to Home.But today it looked like distances were getting larger. Nature was playing game but today I was not enjoying it at all!

A droplet of water touched my skin.I was moved.It started raining. Drop by drop it touched my skin and to the scars, I was relieved, somewhere nature was relieving me and somewhere not.But thank god today I reached home safely and I was not bullied like that day.

My mind and my heart was asking me not to step out of home from that day but I did. Because I had to. I can not stop myself from studying. And I cannot change this route of  the alleyway.

That day.

That day- thinking of it chills my spine, horrifies me more than anything. I took a gasp.

Suddenly I felt somebody touched me and my hands hurt me. I saw scars -red marks, my elbow were scratched.It was paining but hurting more. But I was home on my bed under my blanket looking straight at the walls.

It was all that happened that day when I was coming back from my college. I love studying and my favorite time pass is the libraries, that place is the heart of my college.Yes that place.I can not express how that entry gate relieves me and how that exit gate petrifies.#storyTobecontinued

I am an engineering student but more an author. I love writing stories but that day someone was writing a story for me- a horrifying one and a real one.

8 p.m-

It was closing time of the library.I signed off the libray’s booklet, kept hold of my books in my fav pink sling bag, I just made exit to the door smiling(I just hope that was not the reason). I was thinking about how my article is soon going to be published in the op-notched newspaper. I was very happy because I knew it was going to be the first time.And let me tell you I was wearing full sleeve top and long skirt before any judgments on them.

I just walked down the alleyway as usual the same time. A bunch of men were sitting near chai-wala2. I walked ahead, I heard some giggling, some comments, some following and saw some offending looks.And didnt seem drunk.

But that was normal ? Normal to all ladies out there, whether wearing burkha or shorts. And that was normal to a guy eating chowmein or pav bhaji. .The weather was normal. And let me tell you I was wearing full sleeve top and long skirt before any judgments on them.

What was not normal was the very next moment. I was touched somewhere behind.

I turned back astonished.But as we all are taught ignore and escape that was what I too did.

I started moving faster but then he came ahead, Who “he?” Does that matter? There were not one “he” but “they”.

They were 4.I stood quitely when all 4 surrounded me because shouting could have made no sense. I was already scared of moving ahead and thinking of next step that would have happend. What was I thinking?Was I hoping for some Super-hero who will make an entry and help me out? Why was I feeling weak and scared. I stood

Was I hoping for some Super-hero who will make an entry and help me out? Why was I feeling weak and scared.

They were humans, Right not any animal?I

I stood quietly when all 4 surrounded me because shouting could have made no sense. I was already scared of moving ahead and thinking of next step that happens every time when such scenario occurs.

One approached me and pulled my hands saying something very weired and suddenly he squeezed it badly. I tried pulling my hand and asked them to leave me but other 3 joined their gang.They threw me on the road leaving me hurt. Why was I the victim? What have I done to them?I made all efforts I could to run and escape and even shout.

I started shivering and crying before anything more could have happened.


Yes Mamma- I said as I came back to my real world.

I myself have no idea how that day have changed me.


Do Schools Killing Creativity

Of course, schools kill creativity (taken any art classes recently)? Sure, you may “learn” things in school, but the main purpose of school is to train the children to be obedient so that when they graduate and get a boring, mind-numbing job, they will not question why they are there. Don’t think outside the box, that’s bad. Obey us!

We are trained to score 99% for our Boards examinations and for that we mug up all the chapters of the prescribed syllabus and more than that. Mos of the times unaware of what we are reading and trying to perceive.Creativity is lacking in geniuses who are obediently mugging up the chapters.

Students are listening to the direction and find it good to score 90% in Boards because that has been the criterion set. If you score more than 90% you are good enough else you are not. Not alone schools are using this traditional method of teaching but parents are also involved in destroying the innovative mind of the child.

We certainly know that Human minds are the most creative among all beings. And we are allowed to be creative in our own way. But you’re not allowed to be creative in academics. Schools prepare children to be encyclopedia rather than a child who can be creative or ability to take risks.

I forgot 75% of what I learned in high school. The other 25% that I remember is useless.-Sir Ken Robinson

Well, I feel the same and so does most of the students do? Then what about the times when our teachers use to tell us “by heart learn everything and answers should be on the tip of mouth”. Learning everything word by word and line by line and today remember nothing?

Feels like such efforts being all in vain? Doesn’t it feels like a failure?

I wonder if the students who put their all efforts in learning each and every syllable of the book if they can think outside the box or if they can be creative?

How will you explain the mind of actual geniuses like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Newton and Einstein etc.?

The common thing about the geniuses are creativity and the ability to think outside the box? And How did they do that- they believed in the art of tinkering.

Creativity changes the mind of the child from ordinary to extraordinary. It helps him to think outside the box and learn the reasons of 5W and H.

Creativity is the gift of the human imagination. We have to be careful now that we use this gift wisely.And the only way we’ll do it is by seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are.And our task is to educate their whole being, so they can face this future. By the way — we may not see this future, but they will. And our job is to help them make something of it.

Some students sleep in class.They won’t be still, not concentrating, easily distracted, not finishing his work, daydreaming, inattentive. Because they might not be able to find it creative.It is miserable that students end up in detention nearly every day for “failure to follow instructions”.

Education is not prioritized that is if you work in education, you’re not asked.

And you’re never asked back, curiously. That’s strange to me. But if you are, and you say to somebody, you know, they say, “What do you do?” and you say you work in education, you can see the blood run from their face. They’re like, “Oh my God,” you know, “Why me?” quoted Sir Ken Robinson.

In India,as they say -Schools and Parents together teach their child for becoming an Engineer or Doctor or IAS sometimes.

We only educate the student to make him graduate or postgraduate so that he can get a job to work someone who had been creative to create the pool of jobs- The Entrepreneurs.

Suddenly, degrees aren’t worth anything. Isn’t that true? When I was a student, if you had a degree, you had a job. If you didn’t have a job, it’s because you didn’t want one.But now only graduation are not enough, you need to postgraduate or now you need a PhD for the other. It’s a process of academic inflation. And it indicates the whole structure of education is shifting beneath our feet. We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence.

 The really extraordinary capacities that children have — their capacities for innovation. All kids have tremendous talents. And we squander them, pretty ruthlessly by our traditional method of teaching.

Let us  talk about education and about creativity. Because creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.

Kids will have take a chance . If they don’t know, they’ll have a go.I don’t mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative. What we do know is, if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original — if you’re not prepared to be wrong.

And by the time they get to be adults, most kids have lost that capacity. They have become frightened of being wrong. And we run our companies like this. We stigmatize mistakes. And we’re now running national education systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can make. And the result is that we are educating people out of their creative capacities.

Picasso once said this, he said that all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. I believe this passionately, that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out of it. So why is this?

So let us embark creativity in child by letting him tinker or letting him mend with things or take risks to learn rather them making bookish nerd.

True learning comes when being experienced.


In Memories To My NANI.


You getting older and your children getting younger such stages often comes in life. It always reminds me how short is this life.No matter what this will pass..

There is so much to remember with you.I want to thank you, I know it is late though, I thank you first for giving me a wonderful mother.She is so much like you in everything. I see you in her eyes.

Nani, she becomes often sad when she remembers you and often happy. She is sorry as she was caged in the patriarchy as everyone else is and as you were, ankled our own legs with customs, cultures and responsibility. She is sorry that she couldn’t visit you more often she wanted to, she wanted to.

People leave this world but love stays and so does memory.

Memories are eternal,isn’t it?

Years back we had a little conversation.I remember it.I remember all we talked about that afternoon.

It was about feminism. I know I fought with you saying about equality, blabbering about feminism but you were right. It will be always a girls fault no matter what.It will be a girl to be blamed.

I was 14 then and too young to understand that.But I got it now. I know why you said that . I just know.

Vacation was your Home NAANI.It will be always your home. ALWAYS “The NANI’s home”,

Your King size room had 3 big cupboard, and inside it were boxes and jars of candies of different flavor.You kept them for 7 of us.You also used to arrange utensils of kid-size for us.

That were the times most missed and yet cherished.

And how can I forget summer vacation-the season of mangoes and your love poured in it,  serving us all equally in our tiny thalis.Always keeping our dining place clean and away from servants to protect us from evil-eyes to say.

And yes in the evening you used to tie our hair braids parted into two after oiling them and then sending us to terrace to play.That sunset timing was play time.Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…Hideeee-seekkkkk..Playing was fun whether

Playing was fun whether being holi(buying all kind of pichkaris), kites (stealing

kites (stealing threds from your stewing machine box),cricket, doll-set,


doll-set, kitchen-set ,hide and seek or gulli or what not.

At night, you would ask us to sleep with you.And that was story time.YEYYYYY! Different stories so not a least chance to get bored. 

I remember how you told us about your love for traveling it and my mother trust me,she don’t like traveling at all!Your Agra and taj mahal trip and all temples were a mysterios stories.

Now Winter vacation and that bonfire with groundnuts and cutneys.Sometimes that egg-curry downstairs as you never allowed non-veg in your boundry.#LOC And my birthday at your home.You always made sure that all

And my birthday at your home.You always made sure that all items were cooked well and deliciously.That lifafa paratha was the most demanding.I remember myself praying at your temple,you kept things so organised and clean and cute.

I even remember the last few days nani, when 7 years later I saw you, It took me aback seeing you weak and not so strong nani was that i was not used to.You not able to speak and yet still stubborn enough to not take medicines. I love you NANI, You taught us a lot.And I am sorry for being late but I wanted to make you proud. I wanted to see me somewhere worthy. I tried to unite “us” to

You not able to speak and yet still stubborn enough to not take medicines. I love you NANI, You taught us a lot.And I am sorry for being late but I wanted to make you proud. I wanted to see me somewhere worthy. I tried to unite “us” you know,I tried Nani. I just tried. 

It is funny how you rebuked us all but sad that it still echoes. All I have to say that I MISS You. I know I can do nothing for you now. But your daughter will be kept happy, I promise.




To the chirpy friend of mine, Today my combination of 26 letters together cannot express what I owe you. Thank you for taking me over to a completely new world of yours. Thank you for keeping your heart opened for me always So many thanks and no actual end to it. Thank you for that night waking up with me all night when I was hot, I mean really hot to take to the hospital. I will always remind you what you did to me or for me. Thanks for making my life different. Remember 25 November 2015 , can someone be so stupid? as we were? If you were not in my life that lucky day would never happened, you were meant to be something. Today I am gonna say so many thanks and sorry, Sorry for not being for you most of time. I really don’t know what I was to your life in these 4 years,I hope I made it little better, and you certainly made mine better than better. You taught me to be in my heels and how to raise my eyes towards the clouds and how to go with the flow. Been with you.

Dont you think we should celebrate us someday?

I think so. Cheers! I dont know how we matched but we did. You were the roses in the walks of thorns.You were the ointment to the scars and what not. I don’t know how you stricken in my life at the right time, but yes at the right time you were there, even 25th Nov. You made things in some way special. You always had confidence in me when I lacked.

I like the little kid in you who is soft  and tender. I totally agree that we dont share the same camaraderie but same thoughts that get mixed in happiness and pain, maybe sometimes in cloudy days or in rain.  Just a few things to tell you,

I have the penance for my ill behavior towards you, if I had. Now don’t scowl, You know what I am talking about. It took my strength to take to unhitch my words from the heart.No Ponzi scheme here honestly.

Dude!You are the suave lady! You have a sheaf of awesomeness that can sparkle anyones life. I think you deserve the accolate for that!!! yohoooo!!! You always follow the latest cults.

Thanks for the bouquet on my birthday and making it more special.

You are my college-forever-mate.Just a few things to tell you,

I want to write a lot more.But first let me make you smile.

Just a few things to tell you,

Darling! You have a million dollar smile. Use it to flaunt. 🙂 You are  meant for it.



“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”- Bruce Lee.

Everybody might know who was Bruce Lee. If not…

Bruce Lee(Lee Jun-fan) was a famous martial artist, and American actor, philosopher and filmmaker.He died on  July 20, 1973.

Bruce was a great philosopher. His philosophies changed people’s perspective of living. He explains life and how one should be. “Be water.” “Be formless”.. Be flexible!!

Be ready to change!  

Change is what has to be constant. As soon as you find some flaws, try to rectify or just try to change!The Discrepancies can be very harmful to the growth of an individual or the organization.  So never stop the flow of change.Just like water, let it go.Let it change.

Quite possibly, change may be wrong at present. To err is human anyway. It means mistakes are better than being stagnant.

We all know the property of water my friend.- “Stagnant means dead!!!”

Hence – Change is inevitable.

I agree that it is difficult to change the neuron wirings, to change the originality or the current habits. There is always internal war between some and some.

Our brain acts as a battlefield where thoughts fight several battles!!!!

So how can we avoid those battles. “CHANGE”. Try manipulating your brain, but never get manipulated by those. Sometimes emotion can trigger you. But then you need to trust your instinct.

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“Demonetization”, quite familiar with it right? P.M. Modi passed this rule on 8th November. It was a shock announcement.  “Overnight Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi killed 90% of Nation’s currency” – Forbes. It was a complete surprise for Indians and difficult to believe for some. It was more a shock to people with low income. The main purpose of the demonetization scheme was to combat corruption, tax evasion and counterfeits.

The other chief purpose of demonetization was to make India complete CASHLESS?

“Impossible To Transit To A Cashless Economy, Now Or In The Future”: Adi Godrej

Adi Burjorji Godrej is an Indian industrialist and businessman, head of the Godrej family, and chairman of the Godrej Group.

Cashless India is a big dream for this country, where we know that illiteracy rate is very high.

“India has by far the largest population of illiterate adults at 287 million, amounting to 37 percent of the global total, a United Nations report said highlighting the huge disparities existing in education levels of the country’s rich and poor”- The Hindu.

We all know that the target of making India as a cashless country is nearly impossible, the one reason being the number of illiterate people who have no idea of how to use ATMs or Paytms!

So my question is “Will demonetisation will affect the mathematics of the children of India?”

Let us go back in the memory lane..

Remember when our Mom use to send us to market for buying little things, sometimes vegetables, sometimes samosas, sometimes we used to buy our own little stuff like kites candies etc..

And there we actually started learning our FIRST implementation on MATHEMATICS.When we used to give the shopkeeper  Rs. 10 and bought 4 candies(worth 50 paise), remember how we calculated the remaining Rs.8? How we used to bargain and re-calculate the money returned.That is where we developed our skill to calculate. Isn’t it? That is where we learned by doing it actually.That was the time when Math was not only to solve on papers or just to mug up th tables given as Homework but to visualize and observe!!!

After the implementation of Complete Cashless  India, will the following generation get the opportunity to learn the way we learned,the way we observed or the way we use to count coins? Or the way people were learning for more than 200 years will just vanish forever!

India is the country where the illiteracy rate is very high. Most of the people never actually went to school but you know what ALMOST EVERYONE CAN CALCULATE THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THEIR HAND.(IRONY ISN’T IT?)

So how do you think is it possible?

It was only possible by counting the notesand number of coins in their hand. Learning was only possible by doing.Even beggers or people with small stalls can count the money by the tangible notes and coins in their hands. What if country goes cashless? Can technology will be friendly to them as tangible currency was?

So what if this country will go cashless? Will children get the opportunity to learn like we did or like all the illiterate calculate their sum of money?


Let little tinkers twinkle!!

What is Tinkering?

Tinkering is about playing with tools without any pre-decided outcome but a free space to build anything. It is an attempt to mend things in a casual way. Tinkering is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as:  to work in the manner of a tinker; especially : to repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner; fiddle. To be successful and to fail. Why failing is important? If you don’t fail sometimes, you are not being ambitious enough: Sundar Pichai

As a child we all used to tinker. We used to play with tools like screw , nails, hammer or sometimes we used to break our electrical devices like cars, remotes, VCRs etc to see how it works. We used to check the poles of battery and wonder why. Everybody is a learner or tinker.

If students have tinkering experience , you never know what they discover or come out with.

There were time when we took  apart old appliances, remotes, toasters, VCR’s,tapes,calculators and other electrical appliances just to see how they are put together how things are made and how they work. Current generation doesn’t fix anything. Instead, they just throw it out and get another. When I was growing up, I didn’t do this. I tried fixing waste things and also found curiosity in trying to fix something.

Tinkering is about “curiosity and innovation.” During childhood we all had that curiosity to search the answer, to find the reason , to learn why it happens- We did all learning by doing.

Children love to build things and so they love to break. They see the outcomes as success and failures. They build blocks, solve puzzles make things out of plastics , papers (origami) etc. These little tinkers find the value of science from the value in tinkering.There were times when we as kids used to make home from blocks till it fell apart. But we never stopped tinkering again.

Question is why tinkering is important?

Tinkering helps in investigation that leads to discovery and innovation. It can lead to invention. If students have tinkering experience, you never know what they discover or what they may invent. The times spent in playing and hours of imagination and investigation leads to innovation.

Experimentation is important. It builds the risk taking ability.STEAM/STEM is Science , technology , Engineering , Art and Maths. We find students mug up before exams. Mugging up daily lessons doesn’t include innovation. Students get the knowledge of Science but where is the application, that is where Tinkering plays role. But do you  think that it has any role without innovation?As we all know that in current generation we find children being involved in phones , tabs etc… hindering their chances to innovation.

Why so Curious?

Tinkering is basically brainstorming with hands. So How to integrate innovation in children. It is possible through experimentation. Building and breaking, making , re- making. To see if the blocks are strong enough to hold their toys. To see the reason behind existence of stuffs. Or to see whether the cardboard that was no use to home can be experimented with screws, nails or the toolbox!Everybody likes to learn or to tinker. Human beings are the most innovative being on earth and their kids are having the powerful brain that leads to creativity . So why not enhance their creativity and why give the path to wanderers.



Tinkering labs are now promoted in India.Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI (National Institution Of Transforming India )Ayog said – “For India to grow at the rate of 9 to 10 % then India must become very innovative society.” We need culture of innovation at schools. We’re doing that through Tinkering Labs,” said Kant. “India needs to innovate in every sector to make a quantum jump in our growth,” he added.

With Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Ayog will fund tinkering labs to boost scientific temper.It is an part of AIM(Atal Innovation Mission), named under former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee. To bring change in India there is great need for  radical change in the foundation, that is to nurture the students .Instead of just doing traditional education let us  change to innovation. All it will need good set of equipments and mentoring .

Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,”according to Niti Aayog statement.

The tinkering labs will be equipped with ‘do it yourself’ kits and instruments related to science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors, 3D printers and computers, along with infrastructure such as meeting rooms and video conferencing facility.

Atal Tinkering Labs’ initiative is a part of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), which is an umbrella platform to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in India. The discussion topics would range from what needs to be there in a lab; do-it-yourself activities; content;engagement with the community; a hands-on workshop to series of educational lectures design mind set,computational thinking and adaptive learning.Will help students to take things apart, explore tools and materials, and build wondrous, wild art that’s part science and part technology

It will also enhance passions, brimming with inspiring little stories. This is not a how-to book but displays a buffet of ideas and possibilities that could catapult you through your own adventure as a maker.

   Why SRJNA?

11401180_894683670589889_5617665398981434064_n - Copy

SRJNA is a hybrid education model using real & virtual teaching aids to impart 5D classroom experiential learning and smart online assessment platform with deep analytics for K-10 students, teachers and parents.

We believe that ‘True learning comes when it’s being experienced’, to ensure this we continuously build teaching aids & methodologies and provide to associated schools. SRJNA, a brand of Elation Edtech Pvt Ltd, Initiated by 4 alumni of IITs and XLRI is now a team of 15 enthusiasts who want to make a disruptive change in school education.

“Any sufficiently advanced form of  learning is indistinguisable from play” – SCOTT SNIBBE

Classroom study and churning out daily lessons blocks human mind from creativity. SRJNA helps in active learning.

Students can show innovation building, dismantling, experimentation, trial and error, personal reflection and group collaboration. The mentor  becomes the facilitator for all learning styles and needs through open end opportunity and discovery.

SRJNA which is an educational startup provides models , tools, workshop and mentoring to enhance curiosity and innovation for students upto Class 10th.

We have been working in since more than 2 years to enhance creativeness by 5d pedagogy- SEE TOUCH FEEL UNDERSTAND and PERFORM.

We believe in everyone’s ability of curiosity and to learn  by doing.We have organised tinkering workshop earlier which was published by Rajasthan Patrika

SRJNA provides environment to play , design , create and discover with proper mentoring and workshop.

Students will create and move forward. They can do research and expand their existing knowledge. Creativity is the norm rather than the exception.

So take out those old electrical appliances .Investigate. Innovate. Create.  Let your hands and mind explore new ideas. Create an active learning environment with SRJNA.

True learning comes when being experienced.



defective-rs-2000-notes_a95a58ba-d2fb-11e6-a11a-def9b3756538 (1).jpg

These are the genuine notes without Gandhiji printed on them.


These are the samples of original notes.


During Demonestisation Rs.500 and Rs.1000 were banned.

But what about Gandhiji ?

Where did he go?

It was Thursday that  that farmers in a village situated in Madhya Pradesh have received newly printed Rs 2,000 notes without the image of  Gandhiji printed on them .And they are “genuine”. They are real. The farmers thought these notes as fake but Bank officials declared them “genuine”.

The officials made reference to that “printing error ” is the reason behind such incident.

Laxman Meena, a farmer from Bichugaanvdi village, said: “I withdrew Rs 6,000. The cashier gave me three notes of Rs 2,000. When I reached home, my son told me that Gandhiji’s picture was missing in the banknote. My son told me it was fake.”– Hindustan Times

The state bank of India upon being notified , took back the notes.

Such incident is a possibility but also a shame.


There had been trolls around about our Father of Nation.


The question is was those genuine notes were “genuine ” mistakes??







#NotAllMen is a feminist internet meme says Wikipedia. It means Not all man are like that. I want to ask like what? When a girl gets molested not all man are LIKE THAT.Everyday you hear some news , even if you are updated with the news.. some or the other gets molested. So what should be done. Whose fault is it ?


But the other day the BURKHA lady also gets molested.

An alleged “mass molestation” on the streets of one of India’s biggest cities on New Year’s Eve was the result of young people trying to “copy” western mindsets and clothing, an Indian state minister has claimed.


So shall every girl be inside the cage- the best way to be safe? Or Inside the kitchen!

That would help her life to be secure, free from molestation isn’t it?

So in Bangalore Molestation case whose fault was it anyway? It was definitely not a human’s fault.

The women in Bengaluru are not safe. The women in Delhi are not safe. The women in India are not safe. It is not about Bangalore or Delhi or burqas or skirts.

It is about the mindset. Education has no role in it. It is about the stereotypes, the freedom that makes man more powerful and give them I-DUNNO-WHAT right to molest.


Everybody is showing their outrage on twitter or social media. But will that work?


During New Year Eve, there were almost 1500 policeman who were not enough to protect women. What is needed to be changed in the system , the rules , the laws or the MENtality of men is needed to be changed!!

It’s not enough to tell our girls “You are equal to the boys”, you need to tell our boys “You are equal to the girls.”- VIDYA BALAN

To envision a world free from gender based violence and discrimination, men and boys need to stand with women to champion the cause of gender equality and bla bla.. Nothing helps since A.C OR 1100 B.C.

So shall woman leave her Feminism of being weak and should learn her whole life to fight from being molested.?

Just look at the power of man, one was never enough so now mass molestation has become the trend!! What is difference being a human group or the dogs.

I am so sorry for #REALMEN, because of not all men but most of them being molestators spoils their name!

The world is changing fast and we need to change with it. Next time you think “she can’t do this cause she’s a women”, think again. Change for the better.- YUVRAJ SINGH

Akshay Kumar is enraged. The Khiladi took to Twitter to post a video message, saying “The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwards, from humans to animals, rather beasts coz even animals are better! Truly shameful.”


जिसके अंदाज में एक तहजीब है
लेहज में नर्मी हैं,शब्दोंमे तमीज हैं
जिसके दिलों में भी और जिसके बातोंमें भी
औरत के वास्ते पूरी इज्जत भी है पूरा आदर भी है
जिसको औरत के तन मन धन का , जीवन का सम्मान है
औरत के आत्म सम्मान का जिसको हर एक पल ध्यान है
जो कभी एक पल भी नहीं भूलता औरत इंसान है
जिसको अपनी भी पहचान है
जिसमें शक्ति भी है
जिसमें हिम्मत भी है
जिसमे गौरव है , आत्मविश्वास है
जो अगर साथ है
जो अगर पास है
उसके होने से औरत को अपनी सुरक्षा का एहसास है
वह जो औरत का एक सच्चा साथी है , एक दोस्त है , एक हमदर्द है
सच तो यह है
वो ही मर्द है







“A Cup of Coffee and Newspaper” . This is how I start my day. I was reading The Hindu – States adds cash crunch….” . I was wondering about this astronomical number . Suddenly the doorbell rang, it was longer than usual. I was wondering what could be next bad news.

I rushed the door. It was my Landlord.

I asked him to sit and offered him coffee. He denied my offer. And said

“Beta! Rent kab tak doge, Aj 5 Dec ho gya hai.”

“Uncle online transfer kar du?”

“Nahi beta, Main sirf Cash accept karta hun!”

“But, Uncle aap dekh re hai na ATM me cash nahi hai.”

“Wo to tum dekh lo beta.Ye paytm aur bank mujhe nai samaj aate”

He got up and walked towards the door. And I was wondering how to get Rs.6000 cash in Rs. 100 domain. He turned towards me .” Beta jitni jaldi ho paye to behtar hai. Aur log bhi aa rahe hai ye flat dekhne”.

I really hated the blackmail he used to do.The lord of the place just had put me in a dilemma. I use to reside in katwariya sarai(South Delhi). Turning the pages of newspaper , there was only one kind of news “DEMONETISATION”. I wondered if my landlord reads news and if he knew about the condition of cashless India !

So I just grabbed my wallet and went to bank. Long queue everywhere.I stood for at least 5 hours And certainly No luck today. I went back to room hapless and tired. Well It is currently the real problem faced by every Indian. “CASH”.

It had been a real problem to Indian. P.M. Modi passed this rule on 8th November. It was a shock announcement.  “Overnight Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi killed 90% of Nation’s currency” – Forbes. It was complete surprise for Indians and difficult to believe for some. It was more a shock to people with low income. The main purpose of the demonetisation scheme was to combat corruption, tax evasion, terrorism and counterfeits. As we all know it was clean effort to solve corruption issue but at the same time causing troubles in everyone’s life in India.

So the question arises: “How can we get cash without standing in a long queue or how can we get cash without wasting our time? ”

I booked a ride on Uber. It was a short trip from South Delhi  to Vishwavidyalay. I was leaving from office to my  flat. After Those long tiring queue and my cubicle I had to leave to my home,where my landlord was waiting. I sat in the car.

“Bhaiya GPS wale raste se nahi jana, traffic milega.:” I told him the short route to my home. “Ha , bhaiaya yaha ka idea ho gya hai muje. Abhi jyada time nahi hua is proffesssion main”. We started talking . The driver was good and friendly. All the time we had conversation. We started chit chat. It was quite good ride.The best thing about the Uber is the service. I reached my flat. I transfered the money from my Paytm account.Paytm was real help to me. Thank you Paytm!

“Bhaiya, 2min aur ruk sakte ho kya aap?” He insisted.

“Kyu kya hua bhai” .

He told me that he have to finish his duty trip .

My ride was just over and he asked me to wait 2 min so his whole day duty-trip can be finished. He told me that there is minimum number of trip that is must to cover each day.

“Bhaiya aap dekh lo main aapko wait karne ke paise nahi luga aur return kar duga” He said if I can wait for few minutes he will refund the amount of that time to me.I asked if that amount was paid by company. He replied that it was his money. I was amazed that he was paying me money back to stay for a while.I refused to take money and sat for few minutes. I asked more about rides.“Nahi bhai, Main baith jata hu thodi der. Badi dikkat hai aj kal paiso ki . cash he available nahi hai” I said.

“Pure din ki ride me hame cash to mil jaate hai but phir bank ki lambi line aur bheed” He said

There it flashed what if I transfer him money from my account and take the cash from him. This way I will be able to generate huge cash.And my landlord will be happy as I will be able to pay him soon!

After the conversation, I concluded that a cabbie generally gets a sufficient amount of cash at the end of day, which somehow they transfer in their respective bank account. I asked him if I could transfer money via paytm or online transaction to his account and if he could give me cash in return.

“Bhai, Main tumhare account me transfer kar deta hu, tum mujhe utna cash dedo.”

He agreed to it.

“Haan!! Ye to sahi rahega”

He had 3000 cash that day. I was 50% lucky.

. I transferred to his account and he paid me cash.

I thought” It was easier method to get cash then being in a painful queue for long hours.But I had to pay 6000 Rs.”

I thought if I could do this again tomorrow and generate the required cash.

“Bhai. Kya tum mujhe kal bhi cash de doge , Me tranfer kar duga kal bhi”

“Mujhe koi dikkat nahi haijo ayega sham ko thoda tumhe de dunga.”

Next day I took 3200 rs. Cash from him. It was 200 rs. Bonus day.!!

The next day morning I gave my landlord rs. 6000 cash in a swag. He suspected how I got this much of cash in cashless India.

“CASHLESS INDIA”- The problem statement. I am right.?.What if the citizens also find similar ways to get cash,I am pretty much sure that some person have surely found a way. It would solve their problem and make life simpler.

I paid landlord the rent of my house and saved some cash for my mundane life like groceries,utilities etc

. All this with using paytm and Uber.